My View on the Election 2000

This year’s election was good. I am an avid Republican and I would have wanted it no other way. Why?

Because this year, the American Constitution was challenged, the peoples’ voice were heard, and we have a leader that will work as hard as possible to bring this nation back together, and forward, into prosperity.

You may say that this is a very optimistic outlook on what transpired in November of ’00. I say if you look at the facts, (and know that I am the most cynical person in the world) you will agree.

The democrats exposed themselves for the dirty, “win at all costs”, cowards they really are.

The only thing the networks should have reported on this election season was these two sentences. There were more than 2,000,000 votes thrown out nation-wide. 19,000? So what! President Bush won the initial count, the re-count, AND (the illegal) hand count. That’s it! There’s nothing more to say.

And really quick…to all you who want to get rid of the Electoral College…wouldn’t a (mandatory) hand count of the entire nations votes have been grand if that was enacted this year? (Please for your sake; study up before you make such ignorant proposals!)

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it goes in America today. We have two dangerous racial demagogues running down to Florida to play the race card. (You know whom I mean) We had a potential president who would stop at nothing to “count all the votes”. [Break]

Hey Mr. Gore! You want to count all the votes? You want to make sure the people’s voices are heard? You march to all 50 states, and you hand count those dimples yourself, so we can finally find out who the “real” voice is asking for! (And they call President Bush dumb?)

We had countless (liberal) media screw-ups, turmoil in the stock market (thanks Clinton for your strong economy), and a nation in distress.

Then President Bush appoints his cabinet. The strongest (and fastest) cabinet appointed EVER!

But the liberal media can’t give him that much praise…oh no. Now they’re harping on John Aschroft. They’re calling him a racist. (yep, here comes the race card again) Here’s Ashcrofts record, you tell me if he’s a racist. (These are undisputable facts)

He supported 23 of the 26 nominations of black judges that came up for a vote during his Senate tenure. As Missouri governor from 1985 to 1993, he signed into law a state holiday honoring King; established musician Scott Joplin's house as Missouri's only historic site honoring a black individual; created an award honoring black educator George Washington Carver; named a black woman to a state judgeship; and led a fight to save Lincoln University, which was founded by black soldiers.

Yep, that sounds like a racist to me too Jesse Jackson…

More to come…


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